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Hi! I'm your friendly moderator, warped_factor. Welcome to :

This community is for anyone who loves the Harry Potter books and/or movies. Members are welcome to post ANYTHING Harry Potter-related (just see the rules below concerning ratings, language, credit, etc.). This includes, but is certainly not limited to: theories, artwork, icons, fics, recs, memes, links to interesting articles, random musings or questions about HP, and anything about J.K. Rowling or the actors who portray the characters in the films. There will be contests and quizzes and other fun stuff, and maybe we will have certain "themes" once a week or so. Ideas for these sort of things are always welcome, too! :-)


A few other important things:

Spoiler alerts do NOT have to be given for books 1 thru 6 (if you haven't read all the books or seen all the movies yet, be aware of that). However, I do suggest putting a spoiler alert on anything new regarding JK Rowling's website, since some people like to find those things out on their own. It would also be nice to put spoiler alerts on anything having to do with the most recent movie, especially if it's just come out.

Spoiler alerts and LJ-cuts MUST be used for book 7, for one full month after it is released! Anyone who dares to spoil everyone else's fun by openly posting something like, "OMG, I can't believe So-And-So died!!" will have some extremely angry fans on their hands, trust me.

1. All ages are welcome here, so please try to keep your posts at no higher than a PG-13 rating, including your language. If you are not sure about the rating of your material, contact me BEFORE you post it. Any truly inappropriate content that I have not okayed first will be deleted.

*You MAY post or link to fics, art, etc. containing "slash" (romantic situations between two or more members of the same gender), as long as it is not hard-core. If you are posting slash or something slash-related, please put it behind an LJ cut and warn for it. Not everyone likes slash.

2. Absolutely no rude comments, put-downs or flames! It's just not nice. Friendly debates are fine, but everyone's opinions should be respected at all times. If you are continuously rude and abusive, you will be asked to leave the community.

3. Please give proper credit!! If you post art, fics, ideas, etc. (or links to these things) that are not your own, make sure you credit the real artist/author/etc. People can get pretty nasty -- and rightly so -- when they see their work being "stolen," so just be careful for your own sake.

4. You may advertise your own community here, no need to ask first. But please, be polite about it -- put large ads under an LJ-cut, and don't continuously spam the community. It doesn't have to be Harry Potter-related. Just as long as it is not similar to or copying this one and/or does not include any inappropriate material (see rule #1), it should be fine. Anything truly offensive will be deleted.

5. If your post is particularly long, or if you are posting large artwork or images, or fics longer than 100 words, please put it behind an LJ-cut. (If you're not sure how to do an LJ-cut, you can find that info in LJ's "FAQ" section.)

On your first post to this community, please introduce yourself so we can all get to know each other better! Elaborate as much as you can. To make it easier, you can use this format (feel free to change it around or add things):

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Are you a fan of BOTH the books and the movies? (If only one, tell us why):
4. Favorite Harry Potter Character, and why:
5. Least favorite Harry Potter character, and why:
6. Favorite Harry Potter book and/or movie:
7. Favorite scene(s) from either the books or the movies, or both:
8. Favorite spell, magical object, creature, Hogwarts class (any, or all):
9. What Hogwarts House do you think you'd belong in?
10. How did you hear about this community?


1. EVERYONE PLEASE ATTEMPT THE QUIZZES!! Or if you really, truly don't think you know any of the answers, at least TELL ME you saw it. These things take time to put together, and it makes me sad when they are ignored. ;-)

2. DON'T CHEAT!! Cheating is not only naughty, it's pointless in a community like this. This is not about perfection, this is about having fun!

3. REPLY TO THE QUIZ IN THE POST IT IS GIVEN!! Your answers will be screened there so that only I, and no one else, can see them.

4. PLEASE GO EASY ON ME!! Just type the number and the corresponding letter and/or answer in your reply, don't re-post the whole quiz. Funny comments or questions, though, are encouraged! :-D


7-25-04 -- "Who Said It?" -- andromakhe

8-11-04 -- "Mouth Match" -- xotaurus05

9-15-04 -- "Which Wand?" -- 1st place, yukonzangel, 2nd place, skeptyx

1-21-05 -- "OotP Quotes" -- 1st place rockstarro4, 2nd place cawakening

2-28-05 -- "Weasley Quiz" -- cawakening & the_undeadbride

3-22-05 -- "Potions Quiz" -- 1st place skeptyx, 2nd place delirious_deus

5-2-05 -- "Whose Body Part Is It?" -- 1st place gooniegal, iluvme83, xotaurus05, wood_n_snape & yukonzangel; 2nd place cawakening & a58hobbit

6-2-05 -- "Sorcerer's Stone 'Who Is It?' Quiz" -- the_undeadbride, cawakening, yukonzangel, & jorghes


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